You should take action NOW!!


It has been brought to our attention that calling cards are being wedged between householder’s door bells and the frame or brickwork upon which the doorbell sits.  You must immediately remove the calling card.  The card has been placed in this fashion in order to give burglars an opportunity to see if the house occupants are away or not.  If the occupants are away the card will not be moved and the chances of being burgled are dramatically increased.

This seems to be occurring all over north-west London.   If you know that your neighbour is away and you see the card, please do them a favour and remove it as well.

Would you please note there are other signs that someone might be casing the area or your house and these include:-

  1. Unfamiliar vehicles (the vehicles sticks around for an extended period or shows up repeatedly on an irregular basis),
  2. Strangers strolling consistently around the streets in the neighbourhood,
  3. Door -to-door scams (which include roof repairs, tree lopping and driveways – all particular favourites),
  4. Knocking on the door and asking to use the toilet,
  5. Strange requests for help with different excuses (dog gone missing, locked out, etc.)
  6. Strange markings around the house,
  7. Strangers taking pictures and walking away.

Keep your eyes open and your wits about you.


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