Theresa Villiers retains her seat


Theresa Villiers, the Member of Parliament for Chipping Barnet, which covers the Woodside Park area, retained her seat and will serve us for the next five years (unless this should be cut short for any reason).

The result of the 2015 election was (with the result of the 2010 election in brackets) :-

Theresa Villiers,   Conservative,   25,759  (24,700)

Amy Trevethan,  Labour,              18,103  (12,773)

Victor Kaye,   UKIP                       4,151   (1,442)

AM Poppy,   Green,                       2,501  (1,021)

Ray Marisha Liberal Democrats    2,381 (10,202)

Mehdi Akhavan,   Independent         118    (470)

There was a swing of 4.56% from Conservative to Labour,

The total electorate for the constituency is 77,853 and the turnout was 68.09%


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