Street Sustenance


Woodside Park is a beautiful  suburban area with green verges, fields, trees and squares for everyone to enjoy. How sad it is, therefore, to find the environment increasingly being spoilt by litter.

Just because the dustmen have a habit of leaving litter strewn around the place when they make their collections and foxes forage around rubbish bins when they are left in the street,  does not mean that we residents should follow suit.   So, please do not throw litter around and if you see some, pick it up and put it in the nearest bin. You should of course ensure that your hands are protected prior to picking up any rubbish.  Some residents are already doing this.  Thank you.

Can you please also ensure that dog waste is bagged up and then thrown in bins provided, not into the undergrowth!

If you find yourself having a picnic or socialising in the parks, on the squares or in Green Belt, then please remember to clear your rubbish away before you leave.

Let’s make Woodside Park a rubbish-free area for everyone to enjoy, including the local wild life.


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