Shared Driveways


Recently, the Association has received several queries regarding shared driveways and rights of owners who share the driveways.

Many properties in Woodside Park share driveways which give access to garages located at the rear of each of the adjoining properties. The boundary line of the adjoining properties is shown on the title plan and, in Woodside Park, this is nearly always straight down the middle of the shared driveway so that one owner possesses half of the drive and conversely, the adjoining owner possesses the other half.

At all times, each owner must ensure that the adjoining owner has the right to use the shared driveway and to go over the shared driveway without restriction in order to access the rear garage or garden. It does not matter if the rear garage has been removed or replaced by other accommodation.

This means that no-one can extend their house onto the shared driveway without written permission from the adjoining owner/neighbour.  Furthermore, you cannot park your vehicle, skip or other object on the driveway to the detriment of the adjoining owner/neighbour which prevents the adjoining owner using the shared driveway as an access and restricts their right of way.

If you have any doubts about this, you should seek legal advice but, in the first instance, it is a good idea to check your Title Deeds.


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