Proposed Development at Woodside Park Tube


Although slightly outside our area, this proposed development may well have an adverse effect upon us.  Although in its early planning stage, it is proposed that eighty-eight single person flats be constructed on land between Woodside Park Underground Station and Holden Road.

The development will comprise two blocks, one of six storeys and one of four. No car parking is proposed. Cycle spaces will be provided.

The draft plans show single person flats but it would be quite possible for two people to live in each flat meaning that a the proposal could accommodate 176 people (without a car).  The flats are supposedly “affordable” but they will cost at least £250,000 each.  The sort of person who can afford such a flat will also be able to afford a car which they will need for shopping and suchlike.

Where will they and their visitors park?  Holden Road has very limited parking which means that the cars will start encroaching into the Suburb.

We are already experiencing car creep from West Finchley and Woodside Park tube commuters.  This proposal will only exacerbate matters and before we know it, we will be forced to consider car parking zone permits which we have in the past always fought.

The proposal is a gross overdevelopment of the land.  There is little infrastructure to support such a proposal and the effect of the development will b to cause major parking difficulties in the surrounding areas.  At the very least, if such a development is to be proposed it must contain some underground car parking.

We have advised the Council of our comments accordingly.


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