Welcome to Woodside Park Garden Suburb Residents’ Association website.

The Residents’ Association exists to preserve and improve the amenities enjoyed by its members in Woodside Park Garden Suburb and, where appropriate, elsewhere in the Borough of Barnet.

It does so principally by meetings and correspondence with the Council, the Metropolitan Police and other service providers including, in particular, our Member of Parliament, our Ward Councillors and our Borough Commander. It also arranges various social activities for its members.










Recent activities in defence of our amenities have included:

  • Pressure for the allocation of more police resources to the borough and to the suburb;
  • Preservation of access to footpaths in the Totteridge Valley by pressure on the Council and by negotiations with local landowners
  • Opposition to applications for planning permission for developments that would harm residents’ amenities
  • The submission to the Council of work needed in the park, leading to the resurfacing of paths, the replacement of seats, etc.
  • Liaison with the Council regarding the childrens’ playground in Riverside Walk
  • Other activities traditionally include
  • An informal Woodsider party evening at a local hall