Christmas Carol Singing


We huddled together in Sussex Ring on a fine, dry but chilly Saturday afternoon on 17th December to sing our hearts out with Christmas carols to welcome the start of the Christmas festive season. The singing was brilliantly accompanied by spme of the choior and bandwho play at St Barnabas Church in the High Road. The event was attended by at least 100 people of all faiths, creeds  and denominations many of whom were youngsters together with our local  Councillors Richard and Alison Cornelius. Children sang “Away in a Manger” and “We Wish you  a Merry Christmas” with prodigious gusto. Coffee and drinks were provided free of charge by Vero Caffé.  A touch of whisky added some spice to the coffee. Sweets, chocolates and mince pies were also handed around. Santa Claus made an appearance complete with red gown and white beard. The pine tree in Sussex Ring and was festooned with lights.  The weather stayed fine and it was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon. We all felt that Christmas had eventually arrived. Thank you to everyone who helped especially Vero Caffé, the band and choir from St Barnabas Church and committee members. Most of all thanks to everyone who attended and enjoyed the occasion. See you again later this year (December 16th 2023).


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