Blog from the Chairman – a personal view

Telephone Mast in Sussex Ring                                                           March 2023

A plnning application has been made to plant a 15m high monopole and surface clutter in Sussex Ring for the purpose of spreading rhe 5G network. The Residents’ Association has objected to this mast and, whilst we are not against spreading the network, we believe that there are less obtrusive sites where such a mast can be placed without it affecting the aesthetics of Sussex Ring.

The Council decided to refuse the application and it has now gone to the Government Inspector for an independent decision.

If you wish to comment on the applicaiont you can do so by writing to The Planning Inspectorate, 3/N Kite Wing, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square Bristol, BS1 6PN stating ref;  APP/N5090/W/22/3310519.