The origins of Barnet Hospital lie in a 19th century Poor Law Institution and a later Wellhouse Charity Hospital. With the establishment of the National Health Service, it was developed into a fully-fledged District General Hospital. Since 1949, the hospital’s management structure has gone through many reorganisations. Currently it is a unit of Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals NHS Trust.

Barnet Hospital was completely demolished and rebuilt during 1999-2002 under Private Funded Initiative (PFI). The new hospital building is owned by a private consortium and leased back to the NHS Trust, which is contracted to pay progressively increasing annual rent and maintenance charges.

The new building has 445 beds capacity. The hospital runs a full range of general medical and surgical services. It includes an Accident and Emergency department and a modern Intensive Care unit.

There is also a separate Psychiatric Care unit on the hospital site under a separate NHS Trust.

Medical students from University College London Medical School are often sent to Barnet Hospital for part of their clinical experience. However, the hospital does not have the required teaching and research status for affiliation to a University.

The hospital is well served by public bus services from within its catchment area. High Barnet Underground station (on the northern line) is about a ten minute walk away and is also linked by bus services. Parking in the hospital car park (if you can find a space) equates to £4 per hour.